What are the 5 unique principles of design that every app designer should know

Do you know app development firms are really into research based activities?

They are always looking out for options that are customer-centric, and bring in options that lead to customer success.Β 

X company can earn maximum revenues reaching to 85% potential growth by integrating the best design and development practices.Β 

However, a mobile app development company in Dubai not only focuses on bringing best results, but also works on client centric activities that leads to 100% client satisfaction.Β 

What does a customer want from the app design and development agencies?

An intuitive design, compelling features and easy to use application that could meet the requirements of the clients and eventually make them earn organically.Β 

Hence, in this blog, we are going to pen down the 5 unique principles of design that every app designer should know, and also how the leading apps are earning appreciation from the target audience.Β 

But before we jump into the principles of designs. Let’s start discussing the principles of design that will help you design the application in a better way.Β 

How many designs are important for application?

In this section, we are going to discuss the importance of design that might impact your app’s overall performance.Β 


  • Intuitive Designs

The first thing that impacts the performance of the application is the intuitive design, and the way it connects you with your target audience.Β 

Your audience checks your design first, and if the design doesn’t impact them then, this means you’re missing out on something really important, that is, a customer-centric approach.Β 

Hence, it’s advised to all the app designers to use intuitive designs for the application, and use maximum colors that goes with them.Β 

If the app designer doesn’t follow the protocols and standards of the design then, the final product won’t make a difference.Β 

  • Interactive Layouts


Your competitors are truly one step ahead of you, and your app should always be concrete, and perfect in terms of design, and layouts.Β 

The layouts speak a lot about your design, and if the app doesn’t meet the standards and come up with an absurd layout pattern then, there are chances that your target audience will move to someone else.Β 

The transition of your target audience from your app to someone else will impact your organic search traffic, and if you don’t follow it; then, obviously you will have to face the consequences.Β 

– Lesser audience interacting with the app’s design

– More bounce rate as they are going to move to someone else due to low quality design and layouts


  • Seamless Navigation


Next we β€˜ve seamless navigation that is hands down one of the most important things that an app designer, and developer both should take care of.Β 

While designing the application, the designer should work on the navigation of the application as it speaks a lot about your past experience.Β 

If the application has seamless navigation like, you can go from one screen to another in seconds without facing any difficulties then, you are on the right path.Β 

Your target audience is going to be really impressed, and would definitely recommend your application to their peers.Β However, if you don’t have seamless navigation in your app and make it look absurd and a disaster in terms of features, layout and other things then, definitely you’re missing out on some really important things.Β 

  • Customer Centric Designs

Lastly we have customer centric design that means you should always keep your audience in your mind and eyes while designing the application.Β 

Hence, the app designer should always create user stories where they should mention the expectations of the clients, along with the details that they’ve given during the app’s initial designing and development phase.Β 

Mobile app development in Saudi Arabia always includes the design QA first which ensures that the app is working perfectly fine in terms of design standards and then moves to the development phase.Β 

Hence, these were few of the important factors that one should take care of while designing and developing any application.Β 

Let’s start with the main discussion, that is, the principles of design.Β 


The Unique Principles Of Design – Important Design Patterns For The Designers


We won’t discuss all the unique principles of design, instead we’re going to list a few that are worthwhile, and everyone should know at least once.Β 


  • Color Contrast Principle of Designs

The first and most important principle of design is the β€œcolor contrast” one that means you should always choose the colors that are perfect fit for the application niche.Β 

Most of the time, people do this blunder that they choose dark shades as both background and frontend colors for the app which makes it difficult for the app designer to choose.Β 

Whereas, when it comes to designing the app then, the app designer should work on the color contrast and choose a dark shade with a lighter one to match the niche, and come up with a concrete yet amazing visual.Β 

Your audience will always see a few things before they finally download the app. It’s the color, layout, ratings from the past users, and navigation of the application.Β 

If your app goes perfectly on all the checkboxes then, you’re all good to go with the design.Β 

  • Movement Principle of Design

The second most important principle of design is the movement principle of design which means the app designer should keep the placement of the elements within the design perfectly.Β 

The eyes of the audience move from object to another, and if the movement principle of design is followed then, all the elements will be proportional to each other.Β 

In this way, you are going to reach the quality standards of the designing, and we would love to make you feel proud of working with professional app designers.Β 

  • Repetitive Principle of Design

Thirdly, we have a repetitive principle of design which refers to the usage of elements within the design that are the same, but somehow you can reuse them to create a pattern.Β 

Some elements are used more than once in a single design to create a pattern, and that’s how you will follow the repetitive principle of design.

This was the last and most important principle of design that an app development company should follow.Β 

Most of the companies ask for mobile app maintenance services along with designing or revamping their old design.Β 

You can watch out for the professionals in the league, and get your work done by them.Β 

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