Trend Alert: Top Bridesmaid Dress Styles for the Season

Bridesmaid Dress Styles

Bridesmaid dresses trends have evolved way past the era of puffed sleeves and tufted mounds of itchy non-breathable fabric. Cheers to that, change is good! And when you factor in the current hot bridesmaids’ dress trends, change is even better.

For a peek at what’s currently trending in bridesmaid dress styles this season, we’ve got you covered. From edgy to traditional, there’s something here for everyone.Β 

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Bridesmaid Dresses in Bold Colors

Bridesmaid dresses in rich and deeply saturated tones like terracotta, chocolate brown, and emerald green are unapologetically elbowing their way past soft muted pastels, and dominating the color palette.Β Β 

No matter what the wedding theme is, everyone benefits.

Brides with a modern minimalist aesthetic looking to add a bright pop of color embrace the chance to bring it in through the bridesmaid dresses, as do brides with a lively maximalist eclectic or country inspired motif.

Bridesmaid Dresses in Luxe Fabrics

Texture and layering are an understated yet effective means of amplifying an aesthetic. High-end fabrics like velvet, lace, silk or satinβ€”even sequinsβ€”instantly elevate bridesmaid dresses, and are still trending in a major way.Β 

Velvet and lace are incredible choices for a forest wedding as they lend a touch of mystique. Satin, sequins and silk all catch and reflect light beautifully, and the shimmering effect keeps the party going.

Bridesmaid Dresses in Floral PrintsΒ 

Synonymous with romance, florals are a major aspect of any wedding. From dainty detailed prints to bright oversized blooms, incorporating floral printed dresses into a wedding is a no brainer, and we have a feeling this blossoming trend is here to stay.Β 

While this look may not be for everyone, there’s no denying how gorgeous it is to see a group of stunning bridesmaids all decked out in a matching floral print dress. If you’re on the fence, don’t rule it out immediately. This look pairs incredibly with minimalist decor or an outdoor wedding shrouded in greenery.

Flirty Fun Separates

For an unexpected modern twist, some brides are opting to dress their bridal party in two-piece separates. Think crop tops with full skirts, or edgier yetβ€”pairing sleek pants with a matching top and a pair of killer heels.Β 

This look can also be achieved by mixing and matching tops and bottoms.

Mix and Match Bridesmaids Dresses

Wildly popular, especially for brides who gravitate toward the maximalist look, some brides opt to let each bridesmaid choose their own style dressβ€”with some guidelines of course.

The parameters can include choosing a dress within a certain color family for a gorgeous ombre effect, but ultimately it’s up to the bride to decide the rules.

This is an excellent choice for anyone looking to balance cohesion with visual interest. Plus, it gives each member of the bridal party the opportunity to choose a style they’re personally comfortable in.

Minimalist Style Bridesmaid Dresses

Let’s face it. Some of the most timeless and elegant dress options are simple and clean with sleek column silhouettes. Think of a satin slip dress with a spaghetti strap. Gorgeously understated, a statement unto itself.

This is one style we’re pretty sure is going to stand the test of time.

Deep Necklines

The sultry allure and drama of a plunging V-neck or deep sweetheart neckline is eye-catching. This trend emphasizes the appeal through gorgeous dresses in all different styles that all have that extra detail.Β Β 

An excellent look to boost the romance factor, or to show off a set of matching necklaces.

Asymmetric Hems

A whimsical and fun spin on traditional, asymmetric high-low hems are a unique way to show a little leg and the perfect pair of heels. Plus, the way they swoosh and move means they’re extra fun on the dance floor as well.

A go-to trend for the bride with a unique sense of style who loves fashion, and isn’t afraid to mix it up.

Metallic Accents

Bridesmaid dresses adorned with sequins, metallic threading, or even shimmering gold and silver themselves add insta sparkle and some Old Hollywood decadence.

This trend is ideal for black tie events, 1920 speakeasy themes, or any platinum celebration where the vibe is to the nines.


Now more than ever before, bridesmaid dress trends make room for creativityβ€”somethingΒ  unique and funβ€”yet still emphasize a cohesive well thought out look.Β 

And if we’re to be completely frank, the biggest trend in bridesmaid dresses is to choose something you love. Just go for it.

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