Things a Child Can Expect During The First Day at Preschool

Things a Child Can Expect During The First Day at Preschool

As your little one wakes up in the morning and realises that today is no ordinary day, it is essential to acknowledge their feelings, including nervousness.


Attaining a preschool in Mascot is a milestone that has been a topic of dining table discussions. Yet, it is a unique feeling of beginning a new chapter that comes along with the fear of being around new faces. For this reason, understanding what awaits in a day at preschool brings down anxiety. It helps your child discover the learning moments.


In this blog, we will pull back the curtain on a typical day at preschool and give you insights into activities, routines, and interactions, from the initial welcome until the day’s end, to make the transition smooth. Let’s begin.



Arrival and Welcome

The day starts with a caregiver’s warm greetings. A preschool in Mascot allows children to immerse themselves in a preschool culture that is different from their homely culture. However, mentors start the day by introducing themselves to every child with a sweet smile, asking a child about their present feelings, and giving personal attention to each child.


Moreover, a child can expect a comforting space with artwork on the walls, soft music playing in the background, and friendly caregivers who make the place safe for everyone.



Morning Activities

Once a child settles in the environment, the day starts with morning activities that involve activities in a circle, educational teachings, and outdoor playing games.

Circle Time:

Circle time is one of the most fun and educational activities for a child to socialise and learn new things about being in a community. In this activity, a group of children form a circle, engage in group introductions, sing songs, and learn about the alphabet and numbers.


Additionally, circle time also introduces children to a brief preview of what activities they can expect next, exciting them to take on new challenges.

Educational Activities:

After setting clear expectations during the circle time activity, a preschool in North Sydney focuses on fun, instructive, and developmental educational activities. If literacy teaches storytelling skills and engages them in alphabet games, then a maths activity involves learning numbers, pronouncing them right, and solving puzzles.


Some preschools also provide science activities that challenge children to perform simple science-based experiments and learn about nature. A preschool ensures that these activities remain age-appropriate to make the process easier, fun, and challenging at the same time.

Outdoor Play:

Beyond the basic and educational activities, a child can expect to explore new and exciting things about being close to nature. Every preschool has a garden where a child can run, jump, or climb to improve their balance and physical strength.


There is an old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, and that is what a preschool looks like to build your child’s physical and mental stamina.



Midday Routine

After the initial hours of introducing, learning, and playing with fellow children, a child experiences a midday meal and lunchtime. Here, a child learns about the different food items on the plate and inculcates healthy eating habits.


A preschool in North Sydney only uses quality suppliers, and staff are also trained to handle food with hygiene and feed children appropriate meal portions.


Nap time is crucial for young children to boost their immune systems and make them look healthier. Some childcare centres accommodate this need to give the best experiences for young children.



Afternoon Session

Creative Play:

Children need encouragement to express themselves through art, music, and drama activities. Preschool providers ensure children learn and understand their creative skills in the best possible light.


That is why you can expect music sessions where a child learns about musical instruments, dances, and sings rhymes to match their interest. Art classes encourage participants to draw, paint, and learn more about creative colours, shapes, and designs in new ways. Similarly, drama activities encourage them to role-play activities to express emotions and ideas.

Physical Activity:

A preschool in North Sydney also offers structured and free play opportunities for children to engage in physical activity, whether indoors or outdoors. This starts with weekly sports classes that teach skills and teamwork. On the other hand, free play encourages children to play at their own pace and without any pressure.


Preschools have all the necessary playground equipment and closely monitor every child using big equipment. Preschools often have advanced technologies like CCTV and remote access systems to keep an eye on.



Preparing for Home

The last but definitely not least step in a day at childcare is preparing before going home. Caregivers end the day with relaxing activities and discuss the day with the children. You can expect that your child will receive a sense of belonging during this time. This includes reflecting on what the child has learned during the day.


A preschool teacher also asks about a child’s favourite moments to acknowledge their interests and help them show verbal expression. Through these efforts, a child can expect to socialise more actively and perform their daily activities independently.



Final Words

We hope this blog has helped you discover the long unknown mysteries of what a typical day in preschool at Mascot looks like in the modern world.


The day starts with warm greetings and an introduction, then moves to fun, learning, and exploration of nature. Then, a child experiences midday meals, creative classes, and sports activities to encourage learning beyond the curriculum. The day ends with winding up the day with feedback to express the child’s interest.


As a parent, it is wise to visit a childcare centre near you and learn about their inclusions. Choose Toy Box Learning for your child’s best fun and learning experience.


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