Instagram Reels vs. TikTok: Who is the Winner in 2024?

Do you own a brand or business but need help determining which platform (TikTok or Instagram) to choose for marketing and advertising?

Don’t worry, because we all go through it at the start. However, what many of us fail to get is legitimate and up-to-date information. Here, in this blog, you will get updated and focused information that will eventually help you make an unbiased decision.

The Importance of Short-Form VideosΒ 

Did you know B2C marketers tend to make use of TikTok and Instagram reels for short-form videos for a reason, they gave the best ROI (rate of interest) in 2021? Although the craze for 15 to 30-second videos started in 2020 due to its results, content creators, brands, and businesses continued investing in reels and short videos in 2024.

Interestingly, TikTok was launched globally in 2017, and right away, it started working on the long-lived concept of short-form videos. Now that both of these platforms have millions of active users, TikTokers are high on making up to 10-minute-long videos. When it comes to Instagram reels, they were introduced in 2020. These reels are the perfect dose for instant gratification. Instagrammers found reels valuable and practical for businesses, entertainment, brands, influencers, etc.

Basics of TikTokΒ 

TikTok is available in one hundred and fifty-four countries around the world. Since every country has its own official language, the TikTok application is available in seventy-five different languages.Β 

In 2022, TikTok became the most used social media application on Google Play and the Apple App Store. According to research, 84% of TikTokers emphasize B2B and B2C market spaces with the popular hashtag β€œTikTokmademebuyit”.

Fundamentals of InstagramΒ 

Instagram introduced the world to reels in 2020. The inspiration for Instagram was taken from TikTok, but when it comes to use, short-form videos can be seen on IGTV, stories, live streaming, and feeds.

Regarding its importance, reels on IG give hype to content; it helps in brand marketing and awareness, brings more engagement metrics, and takes the content creator closer to the Explore page. Instagram reels are the true source of augmenting visibility, searchability, and reach.

TikTok and Instagram in 2024: Principles To Share ContentΒ 

TikTok and Instagram are considered the best among other social media platforms. That said, we should know the governing factors to make or break the deal!

Organic traffic and engagement metrics make a business rise and shine. It means your profile on TikTok and Instagram should have an excellent number of followers, likes, comments, shares, and views.

To augment the content and make it viral, you should remain focused on the quality of the content. You should also maintain the hook within the first 3 seconds.

When choosing Instagram or TikTok for your business or brand, it’s crucial to prioritize the three cardinal principles of sharing content.

Enrich Concise Content

Significant and intensive, deep research for TikTok videos and Instagram reels is a must. Aim for topics that resonate on a grand scale, captivating audiences with fresh perspectives. Stand out by exploring untouched subjects, ensuring your content speaks to intrigue and curiosity.

Create a Hook in the First 3 SecondsΒ 

In a world where attention spans are fleeting, your first three seconds are crucial. Whether it’s a breathtaking visual, an intriguing question, or a bold statement, makes it impossible for viewers to scroll past without stopping to watch. In such cases, we advise brands and businesses to level up the game and get real TikTok likes.

HD Quality, Editing, & Effects

After creating compelling content, upgrade it with HD-quality visuals, thorough editing, and eye-catching effects, and let your creativity shine through in every aspect. Ensure your audience is captivated and engaged with every frame. With polished production values, your videos will excel and potentially attract organic followers, likes, comments, and shares.

Differences Between TikTok and InstagramΒ 

To get an unbiased opinion on whether TikTok has taken over Instagram and vice versa, we need to go through dissimilarities. Let’s check them out so that making a call for supremacy becomes easy.

Duration of Videos

Instagram reels keep things concise, with videos maxing out at 90 seconds, which is equal to one and a half minutes. This platform thrives on fast-paced, creative snippets perfect for capturing attention quickly.

TikTok has evolved its video length significantly. Originally limited to 15 seconds, it expanded to 60 seconds, then 3 minutes, and now boasts a maximum of 10 minutes. This flexibility allows creators to explore diverse formats, from bite-sized trends to in-depth tutorials.

Specify who your target audience is, and give your content a few seconds to grab their interest.


When it comes to content, It is common for Gen Z to make videos on TikTok and buy TikTok followers in order to promote their videos. That is why TikTok content is pretty loud in energy and becomes viral quickly.

On the other hand, Instagram reels have calmer, more mature, and more appealing content. It is because of two main points. First, the content is generally created by professionals and mature or refined individuals. Second, content on Instagram reels is attractive on the basis of aesthetics.

Sound, Music, and Audio

Users can create original sounds or tap into a vast library of trending audio clips. Viral challenges, funny skits, and creative storytelling often hinge on the perfect sound, making it an important part of the TikTok experience.

Instagram offers a well-stocked music library with licensed songs across genres. Creators can choose music to complement their visuals, fostering a polished, sound-tracked-driven feel. While trending sounds exist, Instagram prioritizes licensed music, making it ideal for crafting videos with a specific mood or message.

Demographics and Geolocations

TikTok boasts a predominantly younger user base, with Gen Z at its core. The platform has a global reach, attracting users from various countries. While popularity exists in other demographics, TikTok thrives on catering to the trends and interests of the younger generation.

Instagram’s demographics skew younger, with a strong Gen Z presence. However, compared to TikTok, it attracts a wider range of ages. The platform caters to a diverse audience with content ranging from travel and fashion to food and fitness. This focus creates a more multifaceted user base.


Monetization on TikTok hinges on building a large and engaged audience. Popular options include the Creator Fund (rewarding views), brand sponsorships, and selling merchandise directly through the platform.

Instagram offers various monetization options. Creators can leverage brand deals, and affiliate marketing (earning commissions on sales driven through their posts) to sell their products and services. This platform allows for a diverse approach, letting users explore revenue streams that best suit their content and audience.

Downloading Options

TikTok and Instagram videos can only be accessible for download if someone has allowed it in their privacy settings. Sharing options within the TikTok app include a β€œsave video” button. However, users can utilize third-party apps or screen recording methods to save videos, these approaches might violate platform guidelines or copyright.

Instagram now offers a user-friendly download option. Users can save their own posts and stories directly within the app. Additionally, a β€œSave” feature allows users to download public posts from other creators, offering a convenient way to keep making inspiring content for future reference.

Explore and For You Pages

TikTok’s β€œFor You” page is the heart of the app. It uses algorithms to curate a personalized feed filled with vidos based on your watch history, likes, and interactions. This constant stream of fresh content fuels discovery and keeps users engaged for longer. You can buy TikTok auto likes for the new content you post to increase your chances of getting more reach and visibility.

Instagram’s Explore tab acts as a springboard for finding new content and creators. It showcases a mix of trending posts, suggested accounts, and topics related to your interests and past activity. While not as personalized as TikTok’s β€œFor You” page, Explore offers a broader range for users to explore.

Paid Advertisements

According to TikTok content creators, the platform offers the best options for paid as well as sponsored ads. The main reasons are attached to how smoothly ads gel within the personalized feeds of the TikTok user. Targeting options allow brands to reach specific demographics and interests, making ads feel less intrusive and more like organic content.

Instagram offers a variety of ad formats, including photos, videos, stories, and reels. This lets advertisers tailor their message to specific goals. Advanced targeting options allow for precise audience selection based on demographics, interests, and behaviours. This ensures ads reach the most relevant users.

Effects and Filters

TikTok’s effects library leans heavily towards fun, interactive filters and features. Think face-morphing effects, green screen capabilities, and trendy AR filters that change your environment or appearance. These effects fuel challenges and encourage creative content creation. Even the filters where your face gets softened are there for the users.

Instagram’s filters tend to focus on enhancing visuals with colour adjustments, lighting tweaks, and subtle beautification effects. The goal is to create a polished, aesthetically pleasing look for photos and videos. While some playful filters exist, Instagram prioritizes a more curated and professional visual style.


TikTok analytics offer creators a wealth of data. They can track video views, completion rates, audience demographics, and engagement metrics (likes, comments, and shares), and even discover which sounds resonate most. This deep dive allows creators to refine their content strategy for optimal impact.

Instagram analytics provide creators with valuable insights into their audience and content performance. They can track follower growth, demographics, post reach, engagement metrics (likes, comments, and saves), and website clicks. This data helps creators understand what resonates with their audience and tailor future content accordingly.

Final Take

Choosing between TikTok and Instagram isn’t a clear-cut battle. Each platform offers unique strengths and caters to different content styles and audiences. The true power lies in potentially having a presence on both. But remember, a well-defined market strategy is crucial for success on either platform. Stay organized, remain relevant, prioritize consistency, and approach your content with sincerity.

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