How to Know Your Underground Drainage Lines Need to Be Repaired or Replaced?

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An experienced drain clearing service provider knows how to unclog blocked sewer lines quickly and safely to prevent unexpected problems. Clogged underground drainage lines can easily crack and leak wastewater into your yard. Leaked wastewater causes mold growth and makes the affected yard or lawn area soggy. Here are other signs to help you know that your underground drainage lines need to be repaired or replaced:

Damaged Home Structure

Wastewater from damaged sewer lines overflows under a home’s basements, causing foundation cracks. The sewage may also cause sinkholes to develop in your yard gradually and interfere with appropriate drainage patterns. Extended sinkholes in your home increase the risks of other damages like cracks on the walls or window and door frames. Hiring a professional plumber immediately after noticing this sign can help prevent more structural damage and increased home repair expenses.

Reduced Drainage Efficiency

Sewer lines drain slowly because of the accumulation of clogs like grease, oil, mineral deposits, and food remains. Improper installation, sagging, and tree root intrusion also reduce how fast drainage takes place. Ignoring this problem can result in toilet, bathtub, or sink backup and increase the risks of health issues.

An experienced plumber uses tools like waterjets, drain snakes, and plungers to quickly fix this problem and prevent unexpected damage. Plumbing experts also replace old and sagged sewer lines to correct slow drainage. These service providers regularly inspect and conduct air or hydraulic tests to determine the efficiency of sewer lines.

Increased Foul Odors

Wastewater from damaged underground drainage lines releases sewer gas that smells like rotten eggs. This odor also results from the bacteria that accumulate in the sink or shower drains after sewer lines get clogged for an extended period. The odor will make your home uncomfortable and increase the risks of other problems like dizziness, headaches, and fatigue. A damaged sewer line may also cause musty smells in your home due to mold and mildew growth. Professional drain cleaning services and sink drain trap installation can help address this problem and reduce odors in your living space.

Increased Yard Wetness

Yards become soggy because of excess soil saturation by the leaking wastewater. This problem interferes with the growth of yard plants and also attracts mosquitoes and rodents. Plumbers use techniques like pipe relining, cured-in-place lining, internal coating, and pipe bursting to repair underground drain lines and prevent this problem. A plumbing contractor can also replace your sewer line if it has extensive cracks.

Strange Noises

Clogged underground drainage pipes cause air bubbles to form in the toilet drains. The air bubbles produce gurgling noises when you flush the toilet. Sewer leakage and backups also contribute to this noise in homes. Other potential causes a plumbing contractor checks for include tree root clogs, damaged sink p-trap, and a clogged drain vent. An experienced plumber uses video inspections to diagnose a sewer line and determine the cause of the gurgling sounds.

Increased Water Bills

Wastewater backups may cause pressure to accumulate in your water pipes connected to the sewer line. When the pressure builds up for a long time, the pipes crack and cause water wastage. This spikes monthly water bills and lowers water pressure. Plumbers use solutions like epoxy putty or wrap tapes to correct leaking pipes during drain clearing.

Reasons To Hire a Plumber for Drain Clearing

Hiring a professional plumbing contractor for drain cleaning services is more cost-efficient as you won’t have to purchase drain cleaning tools.Β These service providers understand various safety measures to avoid electrical hazards, physical injuries, exposure to toxic gases, and other sewer cleaning risks. Reputable plumbers offer expert advice on how to care for your underground drainage line and extend its lifespan. They will work quickly and efficiently to restore your plumbing system back to its proper functioning. Research and compare quotes or estimates from several drain cleaners to find a budget-friendly provider.

Hire Professional Drain Clearing Services Today

Professional drain-clearing services help prevent sewer lines from cracking and leaking harmful wastewater. The services can protect your lawn, your home’s structure, and other plumbing fixtures like toilets, bathtubs, and water pipes. Call a professional and reputable plumber if you suspect clogs and slow drains in your home.

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