Designing A Climate Ready House In DHA Lahore- Architect’s Insight

Ready House In DHA Lahore

Climate change is a pressing reality, and Pakistan has experienced its harsh effects over the past few years with back-to-back catastrophes. However, the architects in Pakistan, especially the providers of architectural services in DHA, must tackle this issue with utmost seriousness and urgency.

While there is debate around how to design better climate-friendly yet luxurious homes, the discussion has stayed in the dining room chit-chat. In this blog, I, as an architect with 11 years of experience and the founder of H-A Design Studio, a climate-focused architecture firm that advocates climate-resilient architecture in Lahore, will elaborate on the five ideas you can implement today to make your house climate-ready, with the least carbon footprint.

Use Natural Light and Glass

Around the world, designers and architects in DHA are now focusing on using open designs with more glass for maximum light use. This can be challenging in hot weather like Pakistan and especially Lahore, but better technology, such as double glass, can help with the temperature and reduce artificial light use in houses.

LED instead of Incandescent Bulbs

LEDs or light-emitting diodes are the most energy-efficient thing you can use instead of incandescent bulbs, which use more energy. By using LEDs, you will reduce energy use and be climate-friendly. Use better quality LEDs in great colours, so you have several options, even if you want to use yellow light. LEDs have also proven eco-friendly as they heat less and produce more light.

Use Solar System

One of the best flavours you can do for the environment and yourself is to use a Solar system in your house. This has two benefits:

  • It will reduce your dependence on government electricity, which is heavily produced using furnaces with a high carbon footprint.
  • It saves you tons of money, which you can use on other things.

Solar systems in Pakistan are becoming popular and are also affordable with 10-15 years of

Return on investment. You can ask your best architect in DHA to design the solar system outlets in your house, so even if you are not ready now, you will have the option later.

Passive Design for Natural Ventilation

If you look at the Persian design, they used large towers made of clay for their house’s natural heating and cooling. Ask your architect to incorporate ingenious old architectural elements in your house to reduce your dependence on AC. Some clever designs will not only cool your home by 10 to 15 C to the outside environment but also look amazing and give your house a unique look to the most traditional design.

Focus On Environmentally Sustainable Materials

Use bamboo and reclaimed wood and rely less on plastic and other materials that are not user and environment-friendly. You can use many options, such as artificial wood, which feels the same as wood but is environmentally friendly. Unlike wood from cutting down trees, artificial wood uses sawdust and materials that reduce environmental stress.

Green Spaces:

The more green spaces there are, the better. Your house shouldn’t look like a bunker of steel and cement but with a beautiful garden with plants and seasonal flowers. This will not be much in terms of environment, but it will reduce indoor dependence and exploration. This is also essential for family bonding and the adoption of healthy outdoor activities.

As the world is now readying itself for climate change,, there is little to no debate on it in Pakistan. Since you make a house once, thus it should be built with the the future in mind rather than the past. You can visit H-A Design Studio for a free consultation on your house design ideas and climate-ready architecture. This offer is especially for the residents of DHA, as no other Architects in DHA are offering such a design consultation.

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